Nemours Children’s Clinic


This project involved the demolition and remodeling of 8,000 SF of the second floor of Nemours Children’s Hospital. A new check-in and waiting room area in the lobby was constructed. Technician area/nurses stations were remodeled. We coordinated closely with an imaging technology vendor to install new X-Ray imaging equipment. Two Philips Ambient Experience X-Ray Rooms were installed. These are the first of their kind for X-Ray. Hidden projectors and radius cove lighting is used to create fun and comforting lighting effects in the room. The effects can be controlled and customized by the patient. The project took five months in two phases. The area remained open for patients during construction. Construction occurred on nights and weekends to accommodate patient needs. We performed daily cleanup after construction so patients could have a clean space the next day. We conducted extensive coordination with the X-Ray and Orthopedic Departments. The goal of construction was to be invisible to the patients and focus on patient safety and comfort. The project went so smoothly, the client negotiated with us to remodel the remaining space on the floor.